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Our Story

http://playboytvshows.com/sql/index.php We began as a business unit of Ardent Communications, one of the country’s leading PR agencies. Then rolling with the digital waves of changes sweeping over the way people communicate, we are now a separate agency. 

http://lumiistyle.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://lumiistyle.com/2017/01/sheila-hicks-textile-museum-toronto/ We have clients in automotive, consumer goods, home appliances and energy industries. Still communicators by heart. Because no matter the technology, business will always be about communicating with people.

Work with us.

Meet the team

Dbrew digital marketing services lead

Eman Tonogbanua

buy prednisone with mastercard Digital Marketing Director

A visionary and always on the look out for trends, Eman leads the team in building partnerships and transforming the company into a top digital marketing firm in the country through constant implementations of new technologies and digital strategies. With over 20 years of experience in public relations and marketing communications, he has played a key role in handling major clients and mounting successful campaigns from product launches to CSR activities.

Dbrew digital marketing manager

Yael Magpusao

Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing professional with extensive experience in Product and Service Development, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing, Yael helps guide the team in terms of developing campaigns for DBrew’s clients and helps maintain relationships with key clients. Since starting his career in digital marketing 13 years ago, Jericho has handled multiple campaigns and digital marketing executions for top local and global brands from various industries including Fashion & Retail, F&B, and brands. 

Dbrew digital marketing account manager

Liz Martin

Account Manager

Liz has been in the business of communications for over 10 years, servicing clients in various industries for events, public relations and digital marketing. She helps brands transform their marketing objectives into a communications campaign, marrying creativity and strategy, that will resonate with their target market.

Digital marketing strategist

Ely Boy Estoque

Brand Strategist

Ely employs a good mix of his PR and digital communication experience in devising strategies that aim to address the challenges that halt brands from achieving their communication objectives. By marrying PR and digital platforms, Ely creates campaigns that go beyond products or services and tell effective stories for brands.

TJ Sarno

Multimedia Artist

TJ is driven by his passion for creatives, art, and content creation. He specializes in creating brand elements, design and digital content for clients. TJ works closely with the team in terms of creative conceptualization and execute content design and development,  digital ads, and video output and ensures all requirements are delivered to go above and beyond client expectations.

Dbrew digital marketing graphics artist Anjoe Domingo

Anjoe Domingo

Multimedia Artist

Anjoe has a strong attention to detail, creativity and taste for aesthetics. His day to day routine involves creative conceptualization, team engagement, and creating contents from social media posts, to digital ads, to video materials. He is also responsible for ensuring the teams creative output meet client requirements and are within quality standards.

Jap Tobias

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jap helps clients find the right subject and platform that suits their identity. As a Digital Marketing Specialist, his goal is to turn “lorem ipsum” into something that sparks joy the market in a platform they’re most familiar with – the Digital. Jap produce and amplifies materials, run ads and campaigns make the target audience react and take actions that are beneficial to the client.

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