Caltex Fuel Your School

The Situation

Public high schools have gaps in teaching resources especially in STEM subjects. The added grades 11 and 12 made this problem more acute.  At the same time Caltex retailers were looking for programs that can help their communities. Any program should be able to link those who need help with those who want to help while being equitable for all involved.

Our Brewing Solution

Caltex Fuel Your School (FYS) brings the academe, gov’t, NGOs and private sectors together to fill the resources gap in public high schools through the power of social media. The aim is to raise three million pesos in two months. Caltex donated P1 for every fuel up that goes to 30 highest-need public high schools. Students and teachers did much of the promotions online which spilled over into real world with activities like flyering, flash mobs and motorcades. Caltex retailers offer their sites as staging ground to help students drive fuel ups. A microsite centralized all data about the schools and where liking and sharing happens.

The Results

Since 2015, Caltex FYS has been held in Metro Manila, Davao, Bicol and Ilocos  helping a total of 1.4 million public high schoolers get 21st century tools for learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Caltex has donated a total of P14 million in STEM learning tools which was given to 118 high-need public high schools. Caltex FYS, in its most recent edition in Ilocos region garnered over 4 million post likes, 33k FB fans, 1.22 billion impressions and reached 12.5 million, all organic.  

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