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occidentally Content Creator

http://heathstreethealth.nhs.uk/video/zmlk-bermtz.html How would you like to join our team as a content creator? If you think you have the skills,  passion and willingness to learn, then you are most welcome to apply. We’ll accept the experienced or newly grad creative type, but  attitude is the most important thing. That’s because you’ll be working with a whole bunch of people here that need your output, and they need it yesterday.  Patience, composure, empathy and resourcefulness are a must.   

You will mostly do writing, creative think and lay outing. Your creation will be used as contents for our clients’ Facebook pages, websites and online assets.  We also do a lot of event coverage for social media which we turn into video content. That means two things: you have to know how to handle a DSLR and a video camera. Yes, you will be out in the field where Murphy’s Law is at work so a can-do attitude will help you survive.

You will be at the forefront of an exciting and dynamic industry of Digital Marketing. You will get a wealth of (not money) knowledge, skills and experience working with top brands in automotive, energy and technology. These will serve as a solid foundation of your career whatever future endeavor you may take. You will be surrounded by smart and kind  people. We’re a young bunch so expect a not-so-formal culture. We practice open seating and work from Mondays to Fridays.  Applications will close on March 31, 2019.   

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