Jesus Global Youth Day 2019

The Situation

Jesus Global Youth Day (JGYD) 2019 was brought to the Philippines to gather the Filipino Youth for a three-day event of talks, trainings, and worship concerts. With their low social media following, JGYD struggled in inviting audience online and driving ticket sales.

Our Brewing Solution

The team saw the need to create the hype by banking on the popularity of the artists and speakers. While sustaining the hype, the team pushed for ticket sales and live stream signups through the use of digital advertising.

DBrew started the campaign by running page like ads that invited targets to follow JGYD online. Aside from daily posts, the team pushed for ticket sales by boosting posts on Facebook and placing display ads on various websites which all redirected clicking audiences to the website of ticket selling.

The Results

The JGYD ad campaign led to 216,475 impressions on Facebook with 65,000 community growth. The ads were able to generate over 97,000 clicks and appeared on highly-engaged website placements. On top of this, the JGYD 2019 event was participated by over 50,000 attendees.

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