Suzuki Automotive Philippines

The Situation

The local digital scene was dominated by bigger Japanese and American car brands by the time Suzuki Philippines made presence on the digital platform and had difficulties engaging their audience online.

Photo of red and blue Suzuki Vitara

Our Brewing Solution

The team put together the campaign “#WayOfLife” a social media marketing plan for Suzuki Philippines with the objective of making the brand more relevant to its target audience and involving them in online conversations. The team gathered data about their current customers and potential market online, crafted brand personas for each Suzuki product, and started a conversation that focuses on every Filipino’s way of life and how Suzuki’s products bring value to their daily lives.

The Results

  • Growth of 0 to 500,000 active followers on social media in less than 3 years
  • 6% – 13% organic Engagement Rate, above industry standard 
  • 500,000 to 1 million average monthly reach
  • Sales climbed from #12 to #7 overall vs. competitors

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Suzuki VItara silhouette

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